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MedTech Strategies is thrilled to sponsor the development and launch of MDG MedTech Masterminds.

At a recent board meeting with MDG Boston, we were brainstorming some ways to provide additional visibility for our amazing community members. After some discussion, I decided to develop a new videocast series to interview key community members and share their expertise and perspectives on the medtech industry.

The videocast is called MDG MedTech Masterminds: Videocast with some of the brightest minds in medtech. The first episode was with Mary Lou Wakimura, Principal and Chair of the Board of Directors from Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, P.C., an innovative intellectual property firm well known for their insight and expertise in the medtech space.

In each videocast, I will walk the guest speaker through a set of 5 questions:

  1. Background and Expertise: Can you briefly introduce yourself and share your background and area of expertise?

  2. Key Innovations and Trends: What do you consider to be the most interesting or impactful innovations or trends in the medtech space?

  3. Challenges and Solutions: What is a key challenge you are following, and how are you and your team able to leverage your expertise to address this challenge?

  4. Future Predictions: What advancements do you see on the horizon, and how might they impact our industry?

  5. Advice for Professionals: What advice do you have for companies or individuals in our medtech ecosystem?

Given that I run a small and flexible consultancy, it gives me the ability to quickly shift and deliver a high quality product in a short time frame for clients. I went from idea to execution and launch in a week! What do you need help with to get ready for launch?

I hope you like the first episode and will keep your eyes out for more!


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